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Don’t forget to check and change your A/C filters!

Date posted: July 2, 2018

change filterA central air conditioner can last a 15 years or more if it’s well maintained – and one of the best ways to do that is also one of the simplest: check your air filter once a month during the cooling season, and change or clean it when it’s dirty.

A clogged air filter makes your A/C overwork to provide the same level of cooling comfort that a properly functioning unit would. That overwork can cause some real problems for you, including:

  • Higher energy bills – A clogged filter can lead to higher cooling bills – up to 20 percent higher, if the problem persists.
  • Less comfort – Stunted air circulation means less comfort for your family.
  • Costly repairs – A blocked filter can eventually cause an A/C’s cooling coil to freeze due to overwork – an expensive problem to fix.
  • Premature breakdown – Consistent overwork could eventually wear down your compressor, robbing you of years of service for your system.

Our technicians replace your air conditioner air filters (and perform many other critical maintenance tasks and tests) as part Rucci’s 16-point Master Cooling Tune-up. If you haven’t had yours done in 2018 yet, do it soon – you’re going to need your A/C more than ever this summer, according to experts.

If you want to change the filter yourself, but don’t know how (or how often) to do this, contact us – we’ll walk you through it.

Take care of your home cooling system before summer REALLY begins – you’re going to need it! Contact us to sign up for our 16-point Master Cooling Tune-up today!